Saturday, June 13, 2009

FIT 2009 Overview

This year's PLDI in Dublin, Ireland features a new session called FIT, or Fun Ideas and Thoughts. FIT follows in the spirit of sessions held at other conferences that feature Wild And Crazy Ideas (aka WACI). As FIT organizers, we believed that such venues can nurture budding ideas, and evidence has shown that ideas presented in such venues eventually materialize into high quality conference publications.

We evaluated 14 submissions in response to the call for Fun and Interesting Thoughts, and selected 7 for presentation. Of the 14 submissions, we received permission to post 10: the 7 selected for presentation, and 3 that were not selected. For each of the posted papers, we have also included a short summary of the reviewer comments. We encourage everyone to comment on the ideas (and the reviewer comments), but please do so respectfully and critically: convince the reader why your point of view is valid.

We hope that this online forum fosters ongoing discussion of fun and interesting thoughts and in turn provides positive feedback to the authors, potentially leading to new research, collaboration, and opportunities.

Your interest and feedback will make FIT a success.

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